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By Jose Alejandrino President Duterte has the right attitude. In a democracy, you listen to the voice of the majority. You ignore a ...

Friday, August 18, 2017


By Jose Alejandrino

Judy Taguiwalo has been rejected by the CA. Before her, Gina Lopez and Perfecto Yasay. All three good nominees of President Duterte.
Yasay was rejected presumably he once was American. it didn't matter that Yasay had a perfectly valid explanation regarding the circumstances. Gina was rejected because she went up against the powerful mining interests. Now Judy. For what reason? She refused to kowtow to the politicians who wanted a piece of action of the DSWD budget. She was rejected for defending the interests of the nation and its people against pork barrel. Politicians never gave a damn about the masses.
Netizens are understandably up in arms. Many are calling for the grant of extraordinary powers to the president. Others are clamoring for the abolition of Congress. We are much closer to a revolution than politicians think. It only needs one more trigger and the explosion will happen. The established order scoff at this possibility. So did the French and Russian aristocrats. In the end, they were guillotined like the French or forced to go into exile like the Russians. The French and Russian royal families were quickly executed. I remember being in school in England in the mid-1950s and taking London taxi cabs driven by former Russian aristocrats who at one time had lorded it over Russian peasants. There was a just God.
82 percent of the people trust President Duterte according to the last opinion survey. The armed forces and the police support him. Ask the retired officers what they think. The vast number would answer give Duterte the powers he needs, clean up the mess, call for a new Constitution.
Netizens are asking why doesn't the president do it? My guess is he is waiting for the right moment before he responds to what the people want.
I kept telling the Opposition not to tax the president's patience. Cooperate with him, I had said. Otherwise, face the consequences. It didn't listen. Look at what is left of the once mighty LP. If elections were held today, I'm willing to wager neither Robredo nor De Lima nor Drilon nor Pangilinan nor Hontiveros nor Trillanes nor Alejano nor Lagman would be elected to even a position of dog catcher. That is why the remaining LP are thinking of jumping ship that keeps sinking.
Where the politicians no matter of party stripe do agree is they must control the process of constitutional reform. Why? To preserve their interests. When it comes to their own interests, politicians are ready to go to bed together, no matter if it is incestuous. So we have Drilon wanting to control the process through his committee on constitutional reform in the Senate. So we have Pimentel warning the president not to appoint an independent commission of experts as Duterte had wanted to do in appointing 24 members but instead follow the process in the Cory Constitution. This is not surprising. They don't really want major changes, only cosmetic ones, to the present Constitution because it protects their vested interests and the oligarchy to whom they belong. The young Pimentel is believed to harbor presidential ambitions. The presidency which has simply become a game of musical chairs between oligarchs in the past promises to be the same.
The netizens are not stupid. They see what the game plan is. So obvious, isn't it? That is why they want to abolish Congress. And frankly, they have good reason to be suspicious. The people have been betrayed so many times in the past, robbed so many times in the past, raped so many times in the past, this time they won't tolerate it. If it needs a revolution to cleanse our body politic of its rot, so be it. Just one more trigger and the politicians will see what I mean.



GDP Growth in Duterte's 1st Year Highest Among Past 5 Presidents

The Philippines’ gross domestic product (GDP) posted an annual growth rate of 6.5 percent in the second quarter of 2017, up from 6.4 percent in the preceding quarter.

With that, average annual GDP growth under President Rodrigo Duterte’s first full year of power stood at 6.6 percent, the highest first-year average among the five most recent presidents.

The rise in GDP, a measure of economic output, is often touted as one of the key accomplishments of any presidential administration. Incumbent presidents and their economic managers often compare how the economy is doing during their term with that of previous presidents.

Averages for former Presidents Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada stood below one percent, while former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s first year as president did a little better with an average GDP growth rate of 2.9 percent.

While former President Benigno Aquino III’s first quarter of presidency had a higher GDP growth rate than President Duterte’s own, the lower growth rates in the three succeeding quarters left Aquino with an average of 5.3 percent.

Check out the infographic to see how annual GDP growth rate has done throughout the five most recent presidents’ terms.


Lorenzo Kyle Subido is a staff writer of Entrepreneur PH


Duterte has done very well

By Van Ybiernas

As a Duterte supporter, I don't think it's my role to defend EVERY SINGLE THING the president (and his administration) does. Dami kong time kung ganun! Hahahahaha.

What I just need to do is evaluate the big picture. So far, I think he's done very well.

It is the task of the critics to focus AND INFLATE the details. Hahahahaha. They inflate the details para may lakas ang kanilang tuligsa. Hahahaha.

If I were you, do not engage the critics in a debate over details. Para yan sa maraming time. Isa pa, selective sila ng mga isyu na ilalabas. Dadalhin nila dun sa sigurado sila ---sa tingin nila--- ay panalo sila. hahahaha. They don't want to talk big picture kasi talo sila doon. hahahaha

Human Rights Watch Utter Lack Credibility Endangers True Human Rights Vigilance

Human Rights Watch is now currently known in the Philippines as the go to organization when it comes to anti-Duterte propaganda.
This is chiefly because its Asia division researcher Carlos H. Conde is rabidly anti-Duterte, claiming to have investigated the human rights violations of Duterte and the Davao Death Squad.
But of what quality is Conde’s investigation? Shoddy at best.
In a recent “report” which was cited by GMA News TV and Rappler, Conde claims that the administration was doing very little in the area of protecting media workers from violence and threats.
However, this claim was not supported with actual interviews with the media workers who were victims of intimidation and violence.
I believe that Conde is being highly hypocritical with his concern for the media workers he cited in his report. I am betting that he didn’t even bother calling the victims and instead feasted on the details of their misfortune to make his quota of reports for the Human Rights Watch.
It may appear self-serving but being part of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security, I can attest to the fact that the task force is continually scanning for reports on violence perpetrated on media workers, immediately investigates these incidents, and even providing security whenever it is needed.
In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that the task force has responded to EACH AND EVERY SINGLE INCIDENT WHERE A MEDIA WORKER WAS THREATENED OR FELL VICTIM TO VIOLENCE.
We can substantiate this claim through cellphone bill records showing we talked with the victims, actual interviews with the victims or their family members, fuel bills or boarding passes as well as hotel receipts proving we traveled to meet with the victims, and other such proof of actual contact with media worker victims.
These actually form the basis for our bi-annual report to the President.
Moreover, the greater part of the task force’s job is to hasten the resolution of cases of media worker killings that were scarcely attended to by the Aquino administration.
I guess its just too much for Carlos Conde and Human Rights Watch to be fair and objective.
Senator Richard Gordon already cited Human Rights Watch as an “advocacy group that has to sustain its momentum so that resources can be provided to them.”
This is another way of saying that Human Rights Watch is the sort of organization that is under such immense pressure to justify its existence that people it will hire unscrupulous, unethical people like Conde to make up stories.

About Paul Farol

Try not to take me too seriously.


Why CHR needs to come in when the police commits an abuse?

By Van Ybiernas

Somebody needs to explain to me why CHR needs to come in when the police commits an abuse.

Ano ba ang magagawa ng CHR bukod sa pahiyain ang pamahalaan?

Kasi, may naniniwala ba na kapag pinahiya mo, magbabago at "aayos" yung napahiya? Maski sa mga researches sa IR ---if memory serves--- hindi effective ang naming-and-shaming campaigns e.

Bakit hindi na lang dumulog sa Ombudsman? Or bakit hindi palakasin ang IAS ng PNP?

Sa totoo lang, ano ang accomplishments ---tangible accomplishments--- ng CHR?

Nasabi ko na ito dati e: lipas na ang panahon ng CHR. Sayang lang ng pera ang budget nila, na dapat sana ay ilipat na lang sa IAS o kaya ay ihiwalay sa PNP ang IAS.

Tanong: ilan na ang kinasuhan ng CHR sa Napolcom o sa Ombudsman? Kasi parang wala naman ako nababasa sa balita.

Seriously, aksaya ng pera ang CHR. Hindi nga yan ma-abolish na walang cha-cha pero dapat paliitin nang husto ang kanilang budget.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Mga Senators naghain ng Ethics complaint laban kay Trillanes, Sibakin. Wala ng matinong pag-iisip

No to Ninoy Aquino Day, August 21

Hindi ako pabor sa Ninoy Aquino Day kasi:

1. Ginagamit ang kapangyarihan ng estado sa pansariling kapakinabangan ng pamilyang Cojuangco-Aquino

2. Hindi sapat ang nagawa ni Ninoy noong nabubuhay siya para magkaroon ng holiday para sa kanya; hindi lang si Ninoy ang lumaban sa diktadurya; hindi lang siya ang namatay sa pakikipaglaban sa diktadurya.

3. Hindi si Ninoy, na isang reformed trapo, ang karapat dapat na simbolo ng laban sa diktadurya; mas nababagay ang mga aktibistang estudyante, halimbawa, bilang simbolo laban sa diktadurya.

4. Hindi ang kamatayan ni Ninoy ang naging dahilan para sa People Power noong 1986. Nagsagawa lang ng malawakang brainwashing ang media, lalo na ang tv (lalo na ang Lopez-owned ABS-CBN) simula 1986 para isaksak sa utak ng mga di nakakaunawa ng kasaysayan na dahil sa pagkamatay ni Ninoy ang EDSA. Sa totoo lang, ang EDSA ay dahil sa pagbagsak ng popularidad ni Marcos kasabay ng kanyang pagkakasakit, hindi dahil sa pagkamatay ni Ninoy. Kung walang sakit si Marcos, mas popular siya kay Ninoy, buhay man o patay. Hindi natinag ng pagkamatay ni Ninoy noong 1983 ang diktadurya. Natinag ang diktadurya nang kakitaan ng panghihina dahil sa sakit ang diktador. Sasabihin ng ilan, bumagsak ang ekonomiya dahil sa pagkamatay ni Ninoy. Tama, pero tandaan, di alintana ng bansa ang pagbagsak ng ekonomiya dahil tumatanggap ang bansa ng tulong pinansyal at utang mula sa mga Amerikano. Kaya nga nagka snap elections noong 1986 dahil sa pressure ng mga Amerikano, hindi ang pagkamatay ni Ninoy.

5. Kung EDSA ang dahilan ng selebrasyon, dapat Pebrero ang holiday, hindi Agosto.

6. Wala sa lebel ni Rizal at Bonifacio si Ninoy. Ang pagkakaroon niya ng holiday ay nakakahiyang pagtutulak ng kanyang pamilya na ilagay siya sa lebel nina Rizal at Bonifacio.

No to Ninoy Aquino Day, August 21

—Prof. Van Ybiernas

DUTERTE HINAMON SI TRILLANES "Just give me an affidavit and I'll step down as President" SPMC, Davao

What is the point?

By Van Ybiernas

When Noynoy persecuted GMA, Merceditas Gutierrez (remember her?), Corona and others, utilizing government agencies like AMLC, BIR, etc. ---never mind the gut-less Congress and for-sale Senate--- he and his cohorts probably did NOT foresee what was going to happen. They were sooooooooo sure they would be able to destroy Jojo Binay (which they did) and catapult Mar to the presidency (which, fortunately, did not happen).

I think they unwittingly paved the way for Duterte to be president. Not just because they highlighted the people's need for competent leadership, but they paved the way for a strong leader.

If you notice, every time the Yellowtards attack, the Dutertards simply draw their attention to the recent past and scream "hypocrisy!"

Moreover, the people's disgust for the Yellows made the Marcos LNMB burial and Martial Law declaration MORE palatable than it would normally be. I mean, these have always been acceptable ---I saw a survey during the Noynoy presidency that states Pinoys were okay with the burial--- but I know of people who were either on the fence or leaning against the Marcoses, cross to the opposite side because of disgust with the present crop of Yellowtards.

If you watched last night's Dulowtard History Live or if you are a keen observer of recent history, you'll realize that the winds of change are blowing a lot harder these days, not just in the Duterte phenomenon but even the Noynoy Aquino mistake (bwahahahahahaha), too. FEM was extremely (galit si Xiao Chua sa adjective na ito, hahahaha) popular in the 60s to the 70s, but really plummeted in the 80s. Even while already dead, his popularity is making a remarkable recovery because of Noynoy's and the Yellow's unpopularity.

We all have to take note of the quicker pace of change in popular opinion these days. Politicians have a shorter honeymoon period nowadays. They have to perform. They have to show results or see their once soaring popularity nosedive in one breath.

What is the point? The Duterte administration must have an eye on the past, one on the present and a third one on the future, especially if they want to survive the things that they are doing now. Remember that judgment for the things that are done today will come tomorrow.

As I said in an earlier post today, justice may not be instantaneous ---as these smug fools in the CA think--- but when it does come ---after some very fashionable delay--- it is almost a malevolent kind of justice: total, irrational, massive.

Let me be one of the voices in the wilderness. bwahahahahahahahahahaha

Kaso ano naman ang aasahan mo sa isang kagaya ni Trillanes? Seriously...

By Van Ybiernas

Di ko alam kung involved sa drugs si Paolo Duterte o hindi.

Pero kung ang ebidensya sa kanya ay pictures at pag-name-drop? Naman!

Okay, e bakit daw si de Lima nadale ng photos? E sa pagkakaintindi ko, hindi naman yung photo ang main na ebidensya laban sa kanya. Corroborating evidence lang iyon sa claims ng kanyang boylet ---at inamin naman ni de Lima na boylet niya si--- Ronnie Dayan.

Di naman ako abugado, pero marunong din tumimbang ng ebidensya ang mga historyador.

Hindi yung photo ang main evidence.

Now, kay Kenneth Dong may ebidensya. At kakilala obviously ni Dong si Paolo. So? Ano ngayon?

Ang mabigat dyan ay kung ikakabit ni Dong mismo si Paolo. Dun magiging relevant yung photo nilang magkasama.

E yung tsismis ni Taguba? Aba'y hindi na nga kailangan sagutin ito e! Naikwento lang kay Taguba ng isang tao na naikwentuhan lang din naman na si Paolo daw ang nasa likod.

Sure, pwedeng totoo ito. Pero, di ito ebidensya. Ang historyador na tatanggap ng ganitong klaseng ebidensya ay papaluin sa ulo ng libro ng kasaysayan ng kapwa nya historyador.

Lead ang tawag dito, hindi ebidensya. Lead ito na dapat ay magbunga sa matibay na ebidensya. Yun ang kailangan para maitali si Paolo.

Kaso ano naman ang aasahan mo sa isang kagaya ni Trillanes? Seriously...

DUTERTE SLAMS GASCON 'Etong si Mestisong ulol na si Gascon. They make so much noise' SPEECH at VACC




Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WATCH: Patricia Bautista explains why parents supporting Comelec chief

MANILA - The wife of Commission on Elections Chairman Andres Bautista on Tuesday explained why her own parents are supporting the Comelec chief despite her allegations that he has nearly P1 billion in unexplained wealth. 

Speaking to ANC, Patricia Bautista pointed out that her husband and her stepfather, Dr. Daniel Vazquez, are both represented by DivinaLaw, one of the country’s fastest-growing law firm. 

"I'm sure there is a lot of parental fondness for Andy. But it also is another thing that through DivinaLaw -- DivinaLaw holds my father's estate, which technically, at the end of the day, knock on wood, if something is to happen to my stepfather, will end up being my mother's estate," Patricia said. 

"If something were to happen to my stepfather, I am sure my mom feels she would need protection from Andy. Does that explain why she's on his side? I don't know, you decide." 

Patricia, in a sworn statement, earlier alleged that she discovered bank and real property documents, and several passbooks under her husband's name that were not included in his 2016 statement of assets, liabilities and net worth. 

She said Bautista "might have had, or currently has, misdealing and corrupt practices while in government service."

Bautista, she added, received commissions for referring companies, to DivinaLaw, including Smartmatic, the private contractor that supplied the automated election system for the 2010, 2013 and 2016 national elections. 

During her ANC interview, Patricia showed what seems to be a "commission sheet" dated January 2016 that bears the names of lawyers from DivinaLaw and Smartmatic. 

She also has a letter Smartmatic sent to the Comelec chief that mentions proposed amendments to the Omnibus Election Code of the Philippines.

Comelec chief's wife shows passbooks, cash in envelopes, commission sheet

Bautista has denied that he concealed assets and pocketed payoffs from the May national polls. 

"Wala po akong tinanggap na komisyon, kahit na isang kusing tungkol sa isang halalan. Totoo po iyun -- wala," he said in a phone interview with ABS-CBN News. 

Comelec chief denies corruption claims, accuses wife of extortion

DivinaLaw meanwhile said it would not issue a statement regarding the issue but would be preparing legal actions, according to a media report. 


Gordon, Sotto say no basis to summon Paolo Duterte to shabu shipment probe

Published August 15, 2017 5:31pm

Senators Richard Gordon and Vicente “Tito” Sotto III on Tuesday said there is no sufficient basis to summon Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte to attend the ongoing investigation into the P6.4-billion shabu shipment smuggled from China.

Gordon, chairman of the blue ribbon committee, said Duterte’s alleged links to the personalities supposedly involved in the shipment, has yet to be supported by evidence.

“I have not found any evidence to believe that,” Gordon said. “Naiintindihan ko yan eh. Sasabihin nila lahat ng masasabi nila para makasira sa tao. Pero ang hinihintay ko ebidensya, ebidensya.”

The name of Paolo, son of President Rodrigo Duterte, was first mentioned in a House committee hearing by Mark Taguba.

Taguba claimed that Paolo was being “name-dropped” by individuals behind the so-called Davao Group.

During the hearing, Kenneth Dong, the alleged middleman in the shabu shipment, denied being close to Paolo. This, after Dong and the younger Duterte’s photos circulated on social media.

Taguba also clarified that he has no personal knowledge of Paolo’s involvement in the Davao Group, saying it was just hearsay.

Sotto, for his part, said critics are just using the term Davao Group to implicate the vice mayor.

“Kapag sinabing Davao Group, kaagad na sinasabi Pulong Duterte,” Sotto said referring to Paolo’s nickname. “Wala, no basis at all. Ano na yun, talagang inaabuso yung paggamit na Davao Group.”

“I don’t think it’s necessary for us to invite the vice mayor,” Sotto said.

Paolo earlier refused to comment on the issue.

“Taguba admitted that his testimony against me was based entirely on rumors. Why would we entertain or believe a hearsay? One does not dignify lies with a response,” he said. — RSJ/KVD, GMA News


COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista’s unexplained wealth must not be ignored

COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista’s statements to the media are full of inconsistencies.
(Photo source: PhilStar)

From the moment Patricia Bautista held a press conference exposing her husband – Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairman Andres Bautista’s “unexplained hidden wealth” a week ago, the public has been transfixed by the development of the issue. Most people have been left guessing and speculating on which one of the two is telling the truth.  However, the silence from certain sectors in Philippine society particularly the Liberal Party, its allies and supporters is deafening. Even a so-called “investigative journalists” don’t seem to have enough motivation to investigate the source of Bautista’s wealth. Their behaviour is hardly surprising though. Their “no comment” stance just confirms what some have suspected all along.
A lot of people have long speculated that the supposed non-partisan COMELEC Chairman Bautista is allied with the Liberal Party. Now that he is under scrutiny for alleged corruption, his Liberal Party mates are most likely feeling the heat as well. Indeed, this scandal is bigger than Andres Bautista and his wife Patricia. This could spell disaster for the Liberal Party. If prosecuted for illegally amassing wealth, prosecutors could uncover evidence of electoral fraud favouring the Liberal Party candidates in the 2016 — or even earlier — elections. Allegations of vote rigging was rife even during the 2010 Presidential Elections. There are people who insist that former President BS Aquino’s win was the result of vote rigging too.
Patricia Bautista’s message to the public is clear. When asked if she is aware of the implication of what she is doing, she replied that if people turn a blind eye to this revelation, everything they complain about like the horrendous traffic, instability of the economy, and unemployment among other ills that plague the country will mean nothing. After all, the people essentially lose their right to complain when, after their public servants neglect their duties yet again, they go on to elect the same public servants again and again. This is assuming that every election is clean. If there is evidence that the election was rigged to favour candidates the voters did not choose themselves, then the public should be outraged. But if they choose to shrug it off and pretend that vote rigging is okay, then they are throwing away their right to suffrage.
Since that is the case, the Philippines is no longer a democracy. It is being run by the mafia – those who manipulate the result of elections. It may even be possible that they sell the votes to the highest bidder with the help of electronic voting machine provider Smartmatic and COMELEC.
I’ve always said that the problem in the Philippines has less to do with the tyranny of the few, but more to do with the tyranny of the majority – those who give power to the few members of the elite. That statement is evident again with the behaviour of Filipinos who pretend that vote rigging did not happen in the previous elections even when blatant tampering was done in the middle of canvassing of votes in the 2016 Presidential Elections. Some people are in denial because they don’t want to burst their own bubble. They hold on to the belief that the Liberal Party is for the interests of the people because that has been the narrative the party’s allies in mainstream media have been telling us for more than 30 years. These people’s apathy and arrogance make them enemies of the state.
I don’t know how some people can continue deluding themselves even when Bautista is already starting to show signs of inconsistencies. We can’t even expect a statement from the faculty of the Ateneo de Manila University – Bautista’s alma materand Liberal Party ally — to comment on his predicament since condemning his alleged corrupt activities will also reflect badly on the school. They will avoid putting their own in a bad light since it will highlight the fact that the school produces a lot of crooks.
Initially, Bautista said that his wife fabricated documents, but then he admits to owning several bank accounts in his subsequent statements in separate interviews with the media:
“People know this: that there were investments made by my family with Forex. This is a problem now, I don’t know if you’ve heard of this, but it was like pyramid scheme,” he said.
He added the Bautista family would answer the unexplained wealth allegations “in due time.
“It is true that our family and myself have deposits with Luzon Development Bank. As to the amount, I’m not sure because I said, these bankbooks were stolen,” Bautista told ANC’s Headstart.
Though the Comelec chief does not know if there were actually 32 passbooks, he explained that he had several passbooks because of the investments he had with his siblings and parents. “We had to demarcate who owns which.”

Key personalities in mainstream media perceived to be allied with the Liberal Party are noticeably silent about the Andres Bautista scandal.
Bautista’s inconsistencies are very telling. It’s a sign that he could be lying. He is starting to falter. He doesn’t behave like a seasoned lawyer. Why would he even admit that he and his family were into pyramid schemes? He should know that pyramid schemes are illegal in the Philippines. He is behaving more like a suspect under duress. He probably feels like everything is blowing up in his face. He is certainly coming across like a loser since he did not take care of his wife and failed to pacify her when he had the chance.
The source of Bautista’s wealth is one thing – he may or may not be able to prove they are sourced legally, but it still doesn’t explain why he did not include them in his Statement of Assets Liability and Net worth (SALN).  If a former Supreme Court Chief Justice was impeached for less than what Bautista has in his bank accounts, then Bautista deserves a similar fate or, perhaps even more fitting, jail time.




THINKING PINOY LIVE | Martin Bautista interview: the Aftermath | Senate Hearing - August 16, 2017

Tuesday, August 15, 2017




Family photo with Captain Stefano Aiello of MSC Poesia - August 10, 2017


By Jacques Phillip, Freedom Wall (original)

This crap disgusts me to the core. we never see or hear of hypocritical Shysters, such as these two, entering any religious dwellings, until they're caught with their hands in the cookie jar. 

And to make matters worse. They're only doing it to create the "illusion" of being God fearing saints, who could never do wrong towards the people. As well as preying upon the idolitrous weakness their people hold towards them.

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing

THINKING PINOY LIVE | Malacañang asked about Andres Bautista, among others | Senate Hearing

Monday, August 14, 2017




Andres Bautista Aid Carrying P9.12M Nabbed at NAIA

Airport security on Saturday detained and questioned a man carrying a luggage full of money, while trying to board to a Singapore-bound flight at around 11:00PM.

The man, identified as Nathaniel Ereseo, was reportedly working closely with embattled Commission on Elections (COMELEC), Chairman Andres Bautista.

Airport authorities were alerted when Ereseo refused to have his luggage opened after passing through X-ray machine at boarding area.

Ereseo was detained from 10:30PM and was released at 4:00AM, leaving his bag full of money.

Ereseo carried a total of $182,000 (P9.12M). He did not give any statement why he is carrying such hefty amount of money, but said he is one of the legal assistants of Bautista as supported by his documents.

The Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) is already investigating the case.

Authorities suspected that the money may have connection with Andres Bautista’s controversy, but cannot find a link on why his employee carrying such money going outside the country.

The Bureau of Immigration has already issued a hold order against Ereseo pending while ongoing an investigation.

The money is being held at AMLC office in Manila. /Jovic Alegre/




THINKING PINOY LIVE | Four lawyers and a college dropout talk about Andy Bautista Part two

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Filipino feminists like Risa Hontiveros had abandoned Mrs Patricia Bautista

Risa Hontiveros:
Real feminist or selective feminist?
(Photo source: Cebu Daily News)

In most modern 21st Century liberal democracies, victims of rape and harassment are encouraged to blow the whistle on their abusers. After all, abusers won’t be punished unless someone points the police and the justice system in the right direction to make resolution happen. Feminists, in particular, are supposedly in full solidarity with their females-in-arms. They are expected to get behind hapless women who blow the whistle on abusive spouses, bosses, and other big bad men who are in a position to make their lives miserable.
Unfortunately, it seems Filipino feminism had abandoned Mrs. Patricia “Tish” Bautista, wife of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Chairman Andres Bautista. Unlike Senator Leila De Lima who philandered with a married man, was an abject failure as head of the Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights, and stands accused of abetting a vast drug trafficking network within the country’s largest penal facility, Mrs. Bautista does not get to find comfort in the warm bosom of her own society’s feminist movement (pardon the pun).
The question is, how is Mrs. Bautista a different enough case to De Lima to warrant such a world of difference in the amount of support from Filipino feminists that she attracted (or failed to attract, as the case happens to be)?
The difference, it seems, lies in party loyalties. Mrs. Bautista’s husband, after all, is the COMELEC chairman who presided over the conduct of the 2016 national elections. This is a man who refused to investigate allegations of electoral fraud and bent the rules to prevent a mass disqualification of Liberal Party candidates for failure to comply with his own agency’s guidelines. As such, it seems, the Liberal Party owes him a lot.
This mutual utang na loob (debt of gratitude) now manifests itself in the way the usual self-appointed “watchdogs” of righteousness have relented from pouncing on what is, by any standard, a national scandal. Filipinos have long defined their lot as the inventors of “people power”. This “will of the people” is deeply-ingrained in the dogma and propaganda collateral (collectively referred to as the “Yellow Brand”) of the Liberal Party. As chief of the Philippines’ electoral governance body, Andres Bautista being accused of being in possession of “unexplained wealth” should have roused the “people power” squad to a protest frenzy. But that did not happen. Neither did Filipino feminists come to his wife’s rescue.
The thing with Filipino feminism is that its key “thought leaders” happen to be stalwarts of this clique of partisans within today’s Opposition. Take former commie-turned-reactionary Senator Risa Hontiveros who is routinely described as a “staunch feminist”. She refers to her party, Akbayan as a “feminist party” and claims that it…
[…] opposes the sexism and patriarchy of Philippine society whose insufferable expressions include the reduction of women to face-and-body sex objects and our demotion to half-humans, half-citizens in a society of institutions lorded over (literally) by men.
Quite a mouthful but essentially builds upon the old cliché that women are “victims” in a “man’s world”.
The trouble with being a partisan first and a “feminist” a distant second as Hontiveros evidently is, is that the principles of the second routinely trumped by the loyalties of the first results in an untenable inconsistency held prisoner by the grip of utang na loob. The feminist rhetoric surrounding De Lima (a Liberal Party senator), for example, breaks down when one considers that De Lima does not fit the mold of the hapless victim of “a society of institutions lorded over (literally) by men.” Mrs. Bautista, some would argue, is not exactly an exemplar of hapless victimhood herself. But De Lima is a Philippine senator and her lover is a subordinate upon whom she wields clear power over.
Between the colegiala profile Mrs. Bautista cuts today and the brass-balled persona De Lima brings to bear in her numerous media rampages, one couldn’t help but be baffled by the choice of people Filipino “feminists” led by the likes of Hontiveros prefer to rally behind.
The short of it is that Mrs. Bautista blew the whistle on a powerful man and, now, finds herself up against a diminished but still-powerful clique of politicians institutional leaders, and “influencers”. That’s pretty much the same sort of situation the average hapless rape or harassment victim faces when she mounts the courage to face her oppressors. Real feminists encourage that sort of initiative. It gives them something to work with in championing their cause. Unfortunately, Filipino “feminists” are poor copycats who, under the shadow of their political overlords only manage to exhibit a pale shadow of the real thing.

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